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This is Martin Conitzer from Germany. My special interest is family research.

The names Konitzer and Conitzer lead back to the name of a town in former Westprussia called Konitz. Now it is Chojnice in Poland.

My friend Peter Pankau visited Chojnice/Konitz some years ago and here are his photos:

The ancestors of the American and European Konitzer families came from Konitz or from districts nearby: Schlochau, Zempelburg and Tuchel.

In Steinborn, district Schlochau, there was a farm managed by a Konitzer family from 1635 to 1935.

Where does the –er at the end of my name come from ?

It means: person from … or with a special relation to …
Remember Kennedy who said: “Ick bin ein Berliner”.

Please tell me the names and data from your ancestors.
I will check my comrehensive lists and perhaps we are distant cousins.

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Please click on the names, read the following short news and tell me, if you have found something of interest. Thank you.

Henry Konitzer (born abt. 1823) farmer from Prussia with Jane and Susanne

Adeline Pauline Conitzer/Konitzer (born abt. 1858 in Germany, married Herman Brum..., emigrated in 1880 and died in 1938)

Susanna Christina Konitzer (born in 1858 in Iowa) and her father Christian

Andreas/Andrew Konitzer (1875-1934) and his 7 sisters and brothers with their children

John and Marie Konitzer (born abt. 1870); son: Aloysius

Gustav Konitzer(came to the US after 1871)

The 16 children of Andrew Konitzer (1875-1934) and Jane Berton

Charles Albert/ Karl Albert Konitzer and
Mary/ Marie or Maria Augusta Fenske (born ca. 1878)

Ida Konitzer(born in the US abt. 1880)

Konitzer from Bremen to Baltimore 1886

Hattie E. Konitzer (from Germany, born 1888)

James Joseph Riley (1890-1974) married Marguerite E. Konitzer in 1911

Arrivals of Konitzer in Ellisisland (1894-1920)

Helen C. Kracyla Konitzer(born: 1908 Wilmington, died on Sept.20,2003)

Albert A. Konitzer (…-1965) and Doris Young (1910-2003) and their 6 children

Ferdinand Krause and Martha Konitzer with 12 children

Hubert Konitzerand Violet L. McIntosh

1926: From Bremen to New York: Franz, Richard and Gertrud Konitzer

Gerhardt Konitzer, farmer, came to the US in 1926/1927

Wilhelm, Karl and Karoline Konitzer from Pommern (Nagtshagen?)


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